We use GIS, census and other market research data to help match our client's land development project to the right location, and the right demographics.

We sit down with our clients, make sure we understand the needs and goals of their project and determine the parameters we will look for in potential sites.  Then we utilize our network of real estate and land development professionals to identify those site options and compare their merits and challenges.

We can compile available GIS data in order to depict the site's potential, along with its challenges, graphically.  These maps help us to see a clear picture of site suitability.  Mapping products also add value to zoning and marketing presentations and can illustrate nearly any relationship of interest among the data.  This information can be used by our client to make decisions.

When target property is identified we can negotiate a contract that minimizes risk to the client, locks in terms and allows an opportunity to see the zoning, design and permitting processes through to completion.  The timelines and terms of the client will be built into the contract, and we can manage them both as we move through the process.

We can coordinate the due diligence review for the project to include: Land Use Due Diligence, Title Due Diligence, Survey Due Diligence, Environmental Due Diligence, Water and Utilities Due Diligence, Financial Due Diligence and Development Due Diligence.

We will identify, navigate and work to obtain all of the permits and approvals necessary to make our client's project a reality.  This ranges zoning to the certificate of occupancy and everything in between.

We coordinate with the client's legal representatives in the preparation and analysis of title documents.  We provide legal descriptions, surveys, exhibits and other documents in support any legal work required during the course of the project.